Thursday, July 30, 2015


By Eric Sherman

As parents with a child who is deaf with bilateral cochlear implants, a day at the beach use to be very challenging. 

Our son loves the water.  Regardless of water temperature, he runs out into the ocean with his goggles looking for fish. He has no concerns about the waves, rip tides or under currents that could sweep him out to sea.  With limited ability to communicate, we would have to endure cold water temperatures and pounding waves, corralling our son to keep him safe.  We feared going to the beach.

Now our son wears waterproof cochlear implant processors from Advanced Bionics, and it’s a new day at the beach.  We can better communicate with our son out in the water, letting him know where he can swim and how to stay safe.  He is now not only swimming looking for fish, he is body surfing, boogie boarding, and even surfing.

As parents, your child’s safety in the water is always a primary concern, but when your child wears cochlear implant processors you also fear the potential loss or damage to these expensive hearing devices in the ocean.  We didn’t want to limit our son’s experience in the water because of our fears, so he wears a Ci Wear shirt.

Ci Wear allows us to integrate the CI sound processor into the shirt, providing an added layer of protection, from the elements, for the device(s) and sound cord(s).  Our son has been knocked around pretty hard in the waves and the processors stay clipped inside the pockets and the shirt’s special collar loops have helped him rapidly locate his headpiece before the next wave hits. 

It’s truly a new day and experience for our family at the beach.  We focus on fun and not on our son’s equipment. Ci Wear comes in a variety of youth and adult sizes and colors. #swimming#beach #cochlearimplant #surf #ciwear #kids

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