Sunday, July 12, 2015

Welcome to Ci Wear Blog

Our son Cole, who has bilateral cochlear implants, was the inspiration behind Ci Wear Cole loves swimming and we were excited when he received his new waterproof sound processors. As we watched him in the water, we noticed he spent a lot of time attending to his processors and headpieces, instead of playing. We wondered if there was a way of minimizing the issues he was having. After extensive research and testing, we developed the Ci Wear shirt. The Ci Wear shirt integrated his sound processors right into his clothing and simplified his experience in the water. He no longer had to worry about loose cords and processors sliding down his arm.  He was able to focus on what was important - playing! The Ci Wear shirt also has the added benefits of being stylish, making the sound processors less apparent, and providing sun protection. We hope the Ci Wear shirt provides you the same improved experience during activities as it has given our son.

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