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Do you find it difficult exercising with your smartphone or digital music player (i.e. iPod Touch, Shuffle or Nano), because there are no comfortable options to hold your device? If you find armbands are uncomfortable, dangle cords get in your way, broken phone from falling out of your hand or your device is flopping around in your pant pockets … Ci Wear Sport is the wearing option that solves these problems.

Ci Wear Sport is an active wear shirt with a patent pending design that integrates your listening device snuggly into the shirt, with features that add a layer of protection giving you confidence and freedom of movement as you workout or exercise.  The shirt is made of high performance premium quality wicking active mesh fabric for moisture management keeping your skin cool and dry.

Once your phone or listening device is inserted into the Ci Wear Sport pockets, you never have to pull it out to answer the phone, to skip, pause, replay a song or change the volume while working out.  You can control everything from your earbuds.  Here are 10 Hidden Controls ofthe iPhone Headphones by Sharon Profis posted on CNET.

  1. If you're listening to music, toggle pause or play by tapping the center button once.
  2. To fast-forward a song, tap the center button twice and long-press on the second tap.
  3. To rewind a song, tap three times and long-press on the third tap.
  4. To skip a song, double tap.
  5. To go to the previous song, triple tap.
  6. If you have an incoming call, tap the center button once to answer. Tap again to hang up.
  7. To ignore an incoming call, long-press the center button. You'll hear two beeps to confirm that the caller was sent to voice mail.
  8. If you're on the phone and you get a new call, tap the center button once to switch calls. To end that new call, hold the center button down for 2 seconds.
  9. You can achieve super steady shots by using your headphones as a shutter release. Tap the volume-up button to capture a photo.
  10. Prompt Siri by long-pressing the center button.

Your earbuds or any headphones with mic and controller will likely control your device. Visit to learn more about how our Ci Wear Sport shirt can keep you connected and comfortable when working out.

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Ci Wear is a patented shirt designed to secure and help protect cochlear implant (CI) processors and other mobile listening devices. Use as a rash guard, swim shirt or an exercise apparel. For more information visit

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