Friday, July 20, 2018

Nucleus Aqua+ Accessory Secured With Ci Wear Shirt

Cochlear Aqua+ Secured to Ci Wear
One of the biggest fears for individuals with cochlear implants, as well as parents of children with CIs is losing their processors in the water. One parent told me “If you can’t see the bottom of a source of water, don’t go in.” Cochlear created the Nucleus Aqua+ accessory to allow individuals to swim and enjoy the water, but what’s the point if you are afraid to go in the ocean or lake?

One adventurous family, who often goes to the beach and spends time on a lake, needed a more reliable wearing option to secure their son’s Cochlear Aqua+ accessory.  They searched the internet and found Ci Wear.

Ci Wear is a specialty shirt designed to secure cochlear implant processors. The patented design includes collar loops.  This Cochlear family took a simple key ring and attached it to the collar loops and then tethered the Aqua Plus safety line to the key ring instead of just clipping the line to the shirt.  They used this secure configuration for a week straight on their trip and “it worked great.”
Key Ring attached to Ci Wear

Aqua+ Safety Line Attached 
As Cochlear says, “don’t let a little water hold you back.” Enjoy great activities like snorkeling, surfing, bodyboarding, tubing, and kayaking knowing your processors are safe and secure with a Ci Wear shirt. As this parent shared with us, “we feel our son should be able to do anything he wants. So we are always thinking of ways to make anything possible.”

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Ci Wear is a patented shirt designed to secure and help protect cochlear implant (CI) processors and other mobile listening devices. Use as a rash guard, swim shirt or an exercise apparel.  Ideal aqua accessory for waterproof cochlear implant sound processors.


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