Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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Mobile and Hearing devices shouldn't stop you from activities when you want to stay connected.

According to Pew Research, 90% of adults have mobile devices.  Many of those
Cochlear implant shirt
Cochlear implant in sleeve pocket
adults like to stay connected or listen to music during different activities.  A smartphone, MP3 player or hearing device, such as a cochlear implant processor can be cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear depending on the activity and the accessory needed to use the device.

The concern is always how to secure your device without the risk of dropping or damaging it. Armbands, belts, clips or pouches can be uncomfortable and still allow for cords to be snagged and ripped out of the device or off your head.

Ci Wear's patented design secures and integrates your device into the shirt keeping you connected - eliminating uncomfortable accessories and flapping cords that can cause damage to a device or potential injury.

Activewear for mobile device  
Ci Wear shirts offer you the added security & comfort to use your device anywhere.
  • Sleek looking sleeve pocket with elastic band to secure device
  • Inner pocket opening to run cords under shirt to eliminate flapping cords that can be annoying or get snagged
  • Collar loops keep cords to the back of your head and allow for rapid replacement if dislodged
  • Excellent wearing option for waterproof devices during water activities.
  • More focus on your activity and less on your device

If you're struggling to find a functional, appealing and comfortable wearing option for your device when working out. Visit
Shirt for IPhone 8 and Samsung 8

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